Santiago Wong Rodriguez was born on May 27, 1998 in La Habana, Cuba. He currently resides in the United States in his quest to grow in what he loves doing most. His artistic name is Santi Wong. Santi, started producing music since he was 8 years old in a church where his grandmother took him. He considers music to be his life motif and continues to produce it because he does not see himself living without it. Ever since he remembers, he knew music would be his life and career.
Throughout his stages, Santi has looked up to Michael Jackson, Marc Anthony, and Celia Cruz and is inspired by all musical rhythms. He was mainly driven by his friend Jessee Suarez to start singing and composing.

He was helped to get into the industry by his manager Daniel Garibay, which also helped him get into shows. In the last five years he has participated in festivals and events in Cuba.
Santi sings and composes his own music and is able to produce in different genres such as Bachata, Salsa, Baladas, Reggaeton, and Pop. He considers himself a diverse individual that can reach all types of audiences. He is dedicated to his music and is determined to succeed in the industry. Santi believes that what differentiates him from other artists is that he only does what he truly feels, if not he does not do it. In his music career he hopes that he will touch the hearts of his audience with his lyrics and voice.